WordPress & Our Solutions

Why We Choose WordPress

What is WordPress

At its most basic level, WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that powers most of the internet. WordPress is our chosen platform because of its wide range of features and abilities. An ideal platform combined with Imavex’s knowledge and expertise delivers an ever-evolving website with a user-friendly interface and a simple back-end management system.
This is WordPress

Benefits of WordPress?

The latest statistics show that WordPress covers roughly one-third of the internet and over slightly 60% of the internet’s content management systems market share. Not only has WordPress evolved since its conception, let alone its recent gain in popularity (with upgrades to the interface, new features and themes), but is expected to trend upward by 25%. This platform is not going out of style. This is WordPress.

Responsive Design

Mobile friendly design that is easily viewable and can be used regardless of the device it’s being viewed on.

Easy to Manage

WordPress will forever change how you use your site. We’ll give you access to a simple visual builder that gives you control to easily make changes. It’s your site, easily navigate it.

Decrease Overhead

Since WordPress is an open-source platform, there is more functionality with less custom work. Bottom line is that you get more, for less.

Boost your SEO

WordPress helps optimize your SEO out of the gate. Google loves WordPress and additional optimizations are available.

Wordpress Care Packages

Are you interested in having someone maintain your site for you?

“The IMAVEX has done outstanding work for our company. From consistent communication on project timelines to stepping in at the last minute to help with one-off projects, we’d be lost without them. They have served on developing and publishing a number of our client-facing environments and each roll-out has been a success.”

Grace Pettit

Censis Technologies, Inc.

“Everyone I have worked with at imavex has been very friendly and professional. They were very helpful and came up with branding that was on target and complementary to the direction we were heading.”

Sandy Pederson


“We appreciate that the team at Imavex is responsive to our emerging needs. We have worked with Imavex for several years, and really value our partnership.”

Brady Smekens

Smekens Education

“There were always helpful and addressed our needs.”

Cara Roach

Wise Owl Productions

“They are great listeners who delivered a fantastic product we wanted with very good communication.”


Kinetrex Energy