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Artificial Intelligence 

Integrations & Workflows

Imavex revolutionizes businesses with bespoke AI custom software solutions that redefine efficiency and decision-making. Our AI Integration services are at the forefront, seamlessly incorporating platforms like AWS Bedrock (Claude, Titan, Llama Jurassic), ChatGPT, and Deepgram (Speech to Text) into custom workflows. This integration ensures that AI becomes a driving force in enhancing your operational processes, providing unparalleled insights, and optimizing business functions.

Going beyond integration, Imavex specializes in developing Custom Data Models tailored to your business’s unique requirements. With a focus on precision and relevance, our AI-driven data analytics models empower you with advanced decision-making capabilities and deep business insights.  Imavex is committed to shaping a future where businesses thrive on the transformative power of AI, paving the way for enhanced agility, informed decision-making, and unparalleled operational excellence.

AI Integrations & Workflows

Stories of Success


Worked with stakeholders to develop a User Requirements document to build a software solution for Veterinarian Industry

Designed and Developed API and Front End Application

Managed Project utilizing Agile/SCRUM

Inroads Analytics

Developed a comprehensive strategy to launch new Predictive Modeling AI tool for Higher Education recruitment

Built and Deployed a multitude of predictive and prescriptive models to empower recruiting and marketing efforts

Designed and Developed web application to support front line admissions professionals to utilize generated analytics in a recruiting environment